Salt tablets

Salt tablets for water treatment systems using electrolysers are manufactured from selected ingredients that contain the right combination of salts, most commonly sodium chloride (NaCl). The tablets are designed to dissolve evenly in the water to form a brine, which is used in the electrolysis process to produce pure drinking water.



1.Drinking water treatment: Salt tablets in water treatment systems using electrolysers are used to produce pure drinking water. The electrolyser produces a brine solution which is subjected to an electrolysis process, resulting in clean water free of contaminants, microorganisms and pathogens.


2.Domestic and commercial systems: Salt tablets are often used in water treatment systems in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants or other commercial establishments. The electrolyser, in combination with appropriate filters, makes it possible to purify water of impurities, improving its taste and quality.


3.Rescue and emergency systems: Salt tablets for electrolysers can be useful in emergency situations or rescue operations where access to clean drinking water is difficult. An electrolyser with salt tablets enables rapid treatment of water from natural sources, such as lakes or streams.



1.Effective water treatment: salt tablets in water treatment systems using electrolysers enable the effective removal of contaminants, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms from water.


2.Self-prepared drinking water: With a salt tablet electrolyser, you can produce pure drinking water yourself without having to use bottled water or other water sources.


3.Economical: Water treatment with the