Salt and sand

A mixture of salt and sand is a popular agent used for gritting roads to prevent ice and slipperiness in winter. It is an effective and cheaper alternative to road salt or de-icing fluids alone, especially in cold areas or on more challenging pavements.


The main applications of salt/sand mix on roads are:

1.Prevention of ice formation: a mixture of salt and sand spread on roads dissolves ice and prevents its formation. The salt (sodium chloride) lowers the freezing point of water and the sand provides a rough surface that improves the grip of vehicles.

2.Increased grip: The sand in the mix provides additional texture and friction on the road surface, which increases the grip of vehicle wheels. This is particularly important on slippery roads or when driving on inclines.

3.Improving traction: A mixture of salt and sand can help to improve the traction of vehicles, especially on steep hills, corners or inclines where skidding is more likely.

4.Reducing the phenomenon of ice on pavements and pedestrian crossings: Salt/sand mix is also used to keep pavements and pedestrian crossings in a safe condition, preventing ice formation and minimising the risk of falls.


The salt/sand mix needs to be spread evenly onto the pavement and the weather conditions monitored regularly to maintain effectiveness and adjust the amount applied according to the road conditions. We offer the mixture in 25kg packs.