Road salt big-bag

Road salt packed in a big bag is a popular form of selling road salt that is convenient for transport and storage. A big bag is a large, strong and secure bag made of polypropylene or other durable material that can hold a significant amount of road salt.


Here are some characteristics of road salt packed in a big bag:


1.Capacity: Big bags can typically hold between 500 kg and 1500 kg of road salt, depending on customer preference and requirements.


2.Material: Big bags are made of durable polypropylene material, which is weatherproof, flammable and abrasion resistant.


3.Security features: Big bags of road salt are usually equipped with additional security features, such as string or snap closures, which ensure that the bag is securely and tightly closed.


Road salt packed in big bags is popular for larger purchases where a larger quantity of road salt is required in a single pack. The practical packaging in big bags makes transport and storage easier, while also providing convenience when unloading and using road salt on site. With the salt from the big bag, salt spreaders can be filled directly, which in practice means considerable time savings.



We offer in big bags salt coming from the mine


– Kłodawa S.A salt mine


– KGHM Polkowice-Sieroszowice salt mine


– ARTEMSOL salt mine


– Soligorsk Salt Mine


– Imported Egyptian salt