Road salt bags 5,10,25,50kg

Road salt is a substance that is used for sprinkling roads, car parks, flat surfaces in winter to prevent ice and slipperiness. It is sodium chloride with the addition of an anti-caking agent to prevent the product from caking.

The most common pack of road salt has a capacity of 25 kg and is available from various outlets such as DIY shops and wholesalers. These bags are made of a durable material that protects the salt from moisture and ensures it lasts longer.

Road salt in 25 kg bags is easy to use and can be stored in a dry place for a long time. To spread it on the road, it must be spread evenly on the pavement. The salt dissolves quickly in water, allowing ice and snow to be removed from roads quickly and effectively.

Before use, make sure that the road salt is suitable for the type of surface to avoid damage and destruction.

We also offer packs of other weights on request

Other packs are 5 kg, 10 kg, 50 kg.


Salt mixture with sand bags of 25 kg