Magnesium chloride

In the search for an alternative to road salt, which has a negative impact on the environment as well as contributing to faster corrosion of vehicles, the use of magnesium chloride (MgCl2) began. It is an excellent product whose properties are increasingly appreciated. It can be applied to all surfaces without damaging them – whether for roads and pavements or for green spaces. It does not degrade the environment and, on the contrary, provides a source of calcium for plants. In winter maintenance, it is highly effective at low temperatures. We assume that it effectively de-icing, melting snow at temperatures as low as – 35 degrees Celsius. After sprinkling the surface to be de-iced, there is a rapid melting reaction, leaving the surface safe for vehicles and pedestrians as well as clean ( no slush). It is assumed that the efficiency of this de-icing agent is approximately 2.5 kg/100m2. Compared to a traditional agent such as road salt, the consumption is approximately 8 times lower with magnesium chloride. The efficiency compensates for the difference in purchase price. It is also possible to produce mixtures of magnesium chloride and road salt, thus reducing the cost and gaining a two-step process for eliminating road ice, ice or snow.


In our offer you will find Magnesium Chloride of German production, already well-known on our market.


Packaging available

  • bags – 25 kg
  • big bags – 1000 kg



The price of magnesium chloride is set individually depending on the quantity needed.

We sell single pallets and full truckloads.