Calcium chloride

CaCl2, or calcium chloride, is a compound which, due to its hygroscopic properties, is used extensively in many fields, including industry, medicine, agriculture and construction. Here are some examples of its applications:


1.Industry: Calcium chloride is used for drying and removing moisture from the air, as a food additive, in the manufacture of paper and textiles and in the production of cement.

2.Medicine: calcium chloride is used to treat electrolyte disorders and calcium deficiency. It is also used for disinfection and as a contrast agent in some medical examinations.

3.Agriculture: Calcium chloride is used as a fertiliser in agriculture as it provides calcium and chlorine. It is also used to protect plants from pests.

4.Construction: Calcium chloride is used as a de-icing agent for roads and pavements as it helps to dissolve ice quickly. It is also used as an additive to concrete to improve its strength and weather resistance.


Other uses: Calcium chloride is used as a dust suppressant on roads and in mines and as a fire retardant.


Next to road salt, it is the main material for maintaining streets during winter. It is a by-product of the Solvay process for obtaining sodium carbonate.


Calcium chloride is the best substitute for road salt, being more effective than it because it retains its properties even at temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius. It has the advantage of fast and long-lasting action. It prevents ice from freezing to the road surface, which significantly increases safety on the street. Unlike industrial salt, it also has no effect on living organisms, allowing it to be used safely on pavements. Its use is not associated with unsightly deposits, nor does it cause corrosion.


Calcium chloride, which is available from us at a favourable price, makes it possible to combat ice and snow which accumulates on streets, bridges, car parks or turnouts. For this reason, it is also used at airports and ports. Thanks to its properties, it prevents goods from thawing and freezing to the ground. It allows dust control to be maintained on gravel roads, thus ensuring the safety of road users and delaying the need for carriageway repairs. It reinforces the soil and influences its compaction – for this reason it is also used in roadway construction. Other applications include the production of cement, wheel ballast for agricultural and industrial machinery and gas drying.


Calcium chloride is available in the following packaging:

– bags – 25 kg

– big bag – 1000 kg